A part of our identity at Grace Covenant Church is our slogan, "All are welcome in this place!" Imagine being in a place where friendly faces welcome you from all walks of life, where people of all ages and all places have a story to tell. Yes, this is where we come together as a community of believers, rejoicing in the love of Jesus. A love that the world can't offer. All are welcome in this place! It's not just a slogan . . . it's a lifestyle.
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Join us for this week's teaching:

Engaging The One Story of God

"What are you doing right now that requires faith?" – Francis Chan

The average family owns 4 Bibles but 41% confess to never reading it. Maybe you can relate. Research tells us that most people, not just people who go to church, but most people have “reading through the Bible” on their bucket list, but just never get to it. This series, “The Story” is meant to fix that problem. This week we will share how the power of God’s Word created joy in the hearts of Israel, and how that power and joy can enter our lives as well.

Our Current Series

The Story

We are on a journey where we are discovering the Bible together. During this journey everyone, from children to adults, are going through the same material together. The resource we are using is called The Story. It is the whole Bible condensed into 31 accessible chapters and it sweeps you into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation. Our goal is to help people grow closer to Jesus by giving them the tools to access His amazing love letter to us called the Bible. You are invited on this journey with us and we welcome you to discover the depth of the love Jesus has for you.

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